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A disturbing video was uploaded onto Facebook Live yesterday. The video shows a drunk man getting physically aggressive with a woman, as he makes sexually explicit comments towards her.

Many on social media are saying that the drunk man appeared to be trying to rape the woman.

Here's The Link To The Video

The incident happened at rapper Ayoo KD's house. And the rapper was NOT going to allow one of his friends to rape a woman in his presence. The rapper pulled a gun on his homie - and then beat him bloody, and threw him out.

The video starts out with the drunk man propositioning a woman. When he's rejected, he becomes agitated, and eventually physically violent.

Ayoo KD and his friends initially put up with the drunken man's behavior. But when he put hands on the woman, Ayoo KD jumped into action, pulling a gun on the drunken man.

The rapper then beat the drunk man senseless and threw him out of his home.

Here's The Link To The Video