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Man Accidentally KILLS HIMSELF . . . Attempting UFC Move . . . During Street Fight!! (Graphic)


A disturbing video has gone viral - showing a man accidentally break his neck, during a street fight. He attempted to put his opponent in a complicated UFC-style suplex - and things went wrong.

The video - which purportedly was taken in Pittsburgh, shows to men engaging in a street fight outside a local bar. The two started with words, then things got physical.

And one of the men decided to attempt a very DANGEROUS UFC maneuver. The move could have caused DEATH to either man. Luckily for the opponent, the man who attempted the move - didn't know what he was doing.

The move wasn't done properly and the man who attempted it, landed on his head - and bent his neck into an UNNATURAL POSITION. Local reports say the man's neck snapped and he died instantly.

The video is no circulating online.