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Mom Comes Under FIRE . . . For Wearing A SEE-THROUGH OUTFIT . . . To Son's SCHOOL BIRTHDAY PARTY!! (PICS)


A woman has gone viral on Twitter - for claiming that she attended her son's 5-year-old school birthday party - wearing a see-through outfit. The women, who describes herself as a "young single mother" didn't see anything wrong with having her BREASTS OUT at a school event.

The woman was IMMEDIATELY called out by people on Twitter - and she immediately DEFENDED HERSELF.

It's not clear whether the school or her child's teacher, blocked her from entering the classroom wearing that SCANDALOUS outfit. But we can all agree that it is not appropriate for a kiddies party.

And Instagram let her have it!

"She look nice but that's not something to wear to your sons school birthday bash Mommie🤗"

"So uneducated and no class at all. Did she really think that there was nothing wrong with the blouse. I'm sure that there are some men that don't mind f*cking you especially when your choice of clothing is illustrating that you are available. Some men are attracted to hoes and I'm sure you were turned around at your 5 year old son's school. Once a hoe, always a hoe in most cases."

"It’s inappropriate to bring your nipples to a child’s Birthday. She looks Good just not for the occasion. She coulda at least put on a bra 🤦🏾‍♀️. I wonder what the teacher did. If i were the yeah I’d tell her you need to cover up"

"I thought this was fake......she not a bad mom, but definitely need some better teaching lol."

What do y'all think? Is this bad parenting or should she be able to wear whatever she wants to her child's party?