Malik Yoba stormed out of a recent interview after the interviewer questioned him about allegations that he solicited sex from underage transgender sex workers.

Yoba's interview was with The Root, and the actor claims that the outlet walked back on a prior agreement not to discuss the issue.

"You and I sat for four hours the other day, and we decided how we were going to approach this," he said. "It's a setup. I don't like this."

Hours after the world celebrated Yoba for coming out as trans-attracted, Mariah Lopez Ebony, accused Yoba of paying her and other sex workers in the '90s for sex while they were minors.

Yoba denies knowing the woman.

When asked if he was being opportunistic with the trans community, he responded:

 "I don't appreciate this sh*t at all … We sat for four f*cking hours, and you're going to stay on some allegations. F*ck you! This [is] my f*cking life!"

Watch the interview below: