Actor Malik Yoba made news over the weekend, when he told his fans that he was "attracted" to trans-women. Well now his babys mother is claiming that Malik is "in a relationship" with a trans person.

Malik's children mother Terry Vega, whose IG name is @terry1andonly, went on Malik's page - to spill tea on his life. 

“As the mother of our two beautiful children you already know how my support for you has always been unconditional,” she wrote.

She added, "I expressed that 2 months ago when I became aware of your current trans relationship."

But Terry was upset that Malik didn't prepare their children - for his alternative lifestyle. And in the comments, Terry claimed that Malik was currently involved in a relationship with a trans-person.

Here's what she said:

Why did you NOT have a conversation with our children and wait till last night to text our 1st born with this info. Yet you were preparing your Public months ago on IG!

Our children support you and keep so much a secret of what really goes down with our family dynamic.

I asked to meet you over a month ago and you have yet to make time. So here I am !! If you know better then do better! Family is first over ALL.