Malik Yoba stopped by The Breakfast Club, where he made it clear that he is "heterosexual" but reiterated that he is "trans-attracted."

Yoba was asked by Charlamagne if his recent comments would be considered as him "coming out?" to which he replied:

 "It's called stepping the f*ck up. There are a lot of Black men (and I ain't gonna blow nobody up, but we all know who they are) that are in situations where they are friends, sometimes lovers and sometimes murderers of transwomen."

He then listed other high profile men who have been caught by the paparazzi with transgender females, namely Mr. Cee, Eddie Murphy, and Teddy Pendergrass.

Yoba also explained to the radio hosts, the difference between fetish and attraction:

"It is about intention and impact. Fetish comes when you only want to be with this person in the dark. You only want to be with that person sexually. Instead of wanting to get to know you." She continues, "Our community often times has this rhetoric that creates stigma for particularly men who can't feel free enough to be their authentic selves and love inclusively. What happens is that stigma creates that fetishization."