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Malia Obama Went To A 'CAUCASIAN HAIR SALON' . . . And Look What They Did To Her!!!


Maia Obama got her hair done when she was away at school in Boston - and she decided to go to a Caucasian hair salon. It didn't work out quite so well.

New pics circulated earlier this week, showing off the hairstyle that the salon gave her. She has extension braids - but um . . . something isn't right.

According to Essence, "The eldest Obama daughter was photographed on the streets of New York City rocking fresh box braids. Malia is currently on summer vacation from Harvard, where she just completed her freshman year."

Protective styles, such as box braids and cornrows, are often the go-to for Black women during the warmer months but it's also important to properly care for hair in between protective styles. Finger detangling post style, properly washing hair and ultimately giving hair a break every once in a while is of the utmost importance. 

Here are the pics of  Malia's new hairstyle

Many people are saying that the hair stylists use the wrong type of hair for the extensions. And the braids were NOT done tightly enough.

Here are a few choice comments:

“Is she letting her white home girls braid her too?” one commenter asked on Instagram. 

“Right,” another responded. “[L]ike do they not have black hair stylist[s] out there who can hook her up...cause dang smh!!” 

“A mess,” another declared.

As one of Maliah's fans wrote, "That would look good on a White girl, but that's not how we do our braids."

Dozens of Black salons from all over the country are offering to re-do Malia's braids for free. No word yet on whether she plans on taking any of them up on their offer.