Malia Obama Now Looks Like A RUNWAY MODEL . . . Photo'd With BF In London!!

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Barack and Michelle Obama's eldest daughter Malia is really coming into her own. People are now suggesting that Malia - who is tall and thin like her father - looks like a model.

Malia was spotted walking around London with her English boyfriend, Rory Farquharson. The two had dinner at the ultra expensive Mayfair restaurant C London. And Malia looked like a supermodel.

Malia and Rory met while studying at America's most prestigious university. And the two hit it off almost immediately. Ever since then, the couple has been spending all kinds of time together.

In fall 2017, footage of Obama smooching another Harvard student at a football game leaked to TMZ. The Daily Mail quickly identified the student as Rory Farquharson, a Harvard sophomore from the UK.

And it wasn't just her beautiful face, or her modelesque figure. Malia also has a style of her own. She has been wearing DOC MARTEN boots almost every day, and with every outfit. It's sort of her signature look.

So far people online have been PRAISING Malia for her looks.

Here are the pics

Malia Obama Model Pics #1

Malia Obama Model Pics #2

Malia Obama Model Pics #3

Malia Obama Model Pics #4

Malia Obama Model Pics #5

Malia's boyfriend Rory's Farquarhson's father is Charles Farquharson, the chief executive of Insight Investment Management Limited, based in London. His mother is Catherine Farquharson, a qualified accountant. The Farquharson family lives in a six-bedroom, detached home in Woodbridge, Suffolk, worth £1.6 million.