Malia Obama attended a frat party this weekend, and she was Trump’t by a male fraternity member.

Malia attended a party at the home of a popular fraternity in Boston, and a Donald Trump supporter/troll took a selfie with her.

The male Trump supporter was wearing a white ‘Make America Great’ hat in the picture.

Barack’s daughter, who is 21 years old, doesn’t appear to be upset as she attended the party with the Trump troll.

The image, which you can see below, has already been seen by more than 2 million people.


Malia Obama is the eldest daughter of former President Barack and Michelle Obama. She and younger sister Sasha were the ‘First Daughters’ of the United States.

Malia Obama currently attends Harvard University and majors in Visual and Environmental Studies. She is currently dating fellow Harvard student Rio Haskett

Malia Obama and her British boyfriend, Rory Farquharson, have been dating for almost two years now. Farquharson seems to make Malia happy.

In November 2017, TMZ shared a video of Malia Obama kissing a then-unidentified classmate during a Harvard vs. Yale American football game.

Rory's family lives in a $2.2 million six-bedroom home in Woodbridge, Suffolk; which says a lot about their financial situation.

Rory attended Rugby School in Warwickshire, one of the top private boarding schools in the U.K with annual tuition of $47,000.  

There, Farquharson was Head Boy from 2015 to 2016, a position that is often awarded to the most outstanding student, both academically and socially, and whose function is to serve as a link between students and professors.