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Malia And Her Boyfriend SPOTTED OUT . . . Smoking On A VAPE PEN!! (Possible Weed)


Malia Obama and her boyfriend Rory Farquharson were spotted last night, taking a romantic stroll along the banks of London's river Thames. The couple are spending part of their summer vacation from HARVARD UNIVERSITY - staying at Rory's parent's house in London.

The very attractive couple were snuggling together, while walking arm in arm over the capital's Tower Bridge after a romantic date at the theater.

Rory wrapped his arm around Malia, 20, to keep her warm as the couple went unnoticed by members of the public on their walk over the River Thames.

But at one point, Malia pulled out a vape pen and started puffing. It's not clear whether the VAPE was an e-cigarette carrying nicotene . . . or whether it was weed.

Barack and Michelle's eldest daughter has been seen smoking both CIGARETTES and WEED in recent months.

According to the Daily Mail: Malia was accused of smoking marijuana in 2016 after a video of her puffing on a suspicious cigarette was released. The president's eldest daughter was seen inhaling from the cigarette during the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago. The brief clip showed the then 18-year-old mingling with crowds as she takes a drag. An eyewitness insisted she was smoking a joint. 

Here is the first IMAGE

Here is the second IMAGE

Here is the third IMAGE

Her father, Barack, was also a regular smoker prior to entering the White House and was spotted several times chewing on nicorette gum to fight the habit.