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Male Escort Claims Tiffany Haddish Paid Him $10K A WEEK . . . To PLEASE HER!!!


Actress Tiffany Haddish is one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood. At any given time she's filming TV shows, podcasts, movies, and commercial projects. She's extremely busy.

And according to a man who describes himself as a "male escort", she's too busy for a relationship and has resorted to - as he puts it "pay for d*ck."

The male escort reached out to MTO News, and provided text messages, photos, and private financial information for TIFFANY - SO HIS STORY SEEMS VERY CREDIBLE. The escort claims that Tiffany paid him up to $10K a week to please her.

The escort told MTO News, "Tiffany is not really a freak. But she likes s*x and a lot of it. You have to put in about 2 hours of work every time for her." The man added, "But she's willing to pay for your effort. She was by far my best client."

The escort continued, "She wanted me to be there to please her. She didn't pretend it was a relationship, or mutual s*x. I knew that I was there to please every inch of her body, and she was just going to lay back and let me do it."

The escort no longer works with Tiffany. He told MTO News that he's now turning around his life - and found GOD. He's also writing a book talking about his days as an escort.