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Youtube star Supa Cent (real name Raynell Steward) is a New Orleans African American social media sensation who launched a successful makeup line. She's young, beautiful, and incredibly successful.

Unfortunately, according to Supa Cent, her man Lou has been cheating on her - and she was forced to drop him last night.

Supa Cent and Lou have been all over social media for the past few months. Lou was just a regular guy. But after linking up with Supa Cent, he became a social media phenom.

And with Lou's new fame, came the groupies. And unfortunately Lou couldn't handle being faithful - and it appears that Lou ended up cheating on Supa Cent.

Earlier this week, rumors began circulating on Instagram that Lou may've gotten a side chick pregnant. Getting partially involved, Supa Cent posted the DNA test.

Initially Supa Cent stood by Lou - and blasted the pregnant side chick rumors. Supa Cent said she would give it three days, which are now up. But, a couple of days ago, rumors suggested Supa Cent and Lou broke up, which she denied. Calling out “fans,” she asked them why they entertained lies, and also threw out the word, “hateful.”

But MTO News has confirmed that Supa Cent has now officially dumped Lou. 

Newly single, she explained that she was tired of people coming to her about Lou, when they broke up. Supa Cent reshared a message, from 2012, when she said if a relationship isn’t right, leave.

Here are the receipts - taken from Supa Cent and Lou's Instagram last night. She was letting him have it: