Youtube star and makeup guru Supa Cent (real name Raynell Steward) broke up with her longtime boyfriend/fiancé Lou last month, after he allegedly got his side chick pregnant.

Well Supa Cent has decided to take back her cheating ex.

Supa Cent and Lou are social media sensations. A year ago, though, Lou was just a regular guy. But after he linked up with the popular makeup guru, he became a social media star.

And with Lou's new fame, came the groupies. Lou clearly unable to handle the attention he was getting from women - ended up cheating on Supa Cent.

Then rumors began circulating online that Lou may've gotten one of his alleged side chicks pregnant. Supa Cent added fuel to the fire, by posting a "positive" DNA test.

But the two have decided to work things out. Yesterday Supa Cent posted a picture of her and Lou on a date:

He also apologized publicly for cheating on her. He wrote:

Im human I acknowledge my mistakes correct them and move on. To my fiancé Raynell Steward, I jus wanna apologize for everything. I let y’all down as the man of the house and many other ways. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and my future, and the moments we shared together (good&bad). I don’t regret a day we shared together cause we made the most of them. You gave me a beautiful little girl that loves me, and I’ll always love you... Bae I wish I could be betta fa ya

Supa Cent is a New Orleans native and African American social media sensation who launched a successful makeup line. She's young, beautiful, and incredibly successful.