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Superbowl MVP Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been dating Brittany Matthews for nearly 8 years, and the two plan on marrying soon. But folks on Twitter are hoping to intervene, and split up the high school sweethearts.

It's all because of a few videos, showing Brittany without makeup, went viral. And folks on Twitter are saying that Brittany - who holds a degree in Kinesiology - is "ugly."

Brittany has been active on IG for the past year, but two days ago, one of her videos - where she is wearing no makeup, started getting shared across IG:

Here's what people are saying:

If Patrick Mahomes decides to eventually split with Brittany, he'll be following in the footsteps of the other current Black Superbowl winning Quarterback, Russell Wilson.

When Russell entered the NFL, he was married to Ashton Meem - a woman who many fans also disapproved of. 

Eventually Russell dropped Ashton, and married R&B singer Ciara.