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Karlie Redd's real age was revealed last night, on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

The reality star was "exposed" during her engagement party, by rival reality star Che Mack. Che announced to all of Karli's guests that she's been lying about her age. And she revealed that Karlie is really 45 years old.

The mother of one took to her Instagram story on Tuesday afternoon with a video clip of her seemingly at a hair salon. In the clip, the celeb’s hairstylist was brushing through her blond-and-brown ombre waves as she flossed her natural bare face on camera.

Karlie had been telling folks that she was 35 years old. It turns out that was a big fat lie.

Here's the video showing Karlie being exposed by Che at her party:

But now it appears that Karlie is no longer embarrassed about her age. In fact, she's flaunting how good she looks, even in middle age Karlie posted a pic of herself without makeup, showing how naturally beautiful she is.

Her vibrant yet girlish looks drew a wave of compliments from fans who gawked at her natural beauty.

“She may be many things but this woman is gorgeous she actually looks goodt without no makeup!”

“She look better without make up I almost didn’t even recognize her wow she looks stunning!”

“She’s naturally pretty and looks better than half you females at 23 .”

“How old is she tho that’s the crzy part she can’t be that old tho … it’s crzy how no one knows her age nevertheless she looks fab !”

“She looks soooooooooo much better without all that heavy makeup. Beautiful !”

Here's how she looks without makeup:


Karlie, born Karlie Lewis, is a television personality, hip-hop artist, model, and actress. She is best known for appearing as a main cast member of VH1's reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta since its premiere in June 2012.