Magic Johnson's SON Offered .  . To Mentor LeBron's SONS In Los Angeles!!

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Magic Johnson has offered LeBron James ANYTHING HE WANTS - including mentorship for Bron's two boys Lebron Jr and Bryce. According to a new report Magic told LeBron that his SON E.J. would be willing to show Bron's two [re-teen boys around the city of Los Angles.

No word yet on whether LeBron said YES or NO. EJ grew up in the city, and probably has a lot to offer the two young man. But we're not sure we like the idea - for OBVIOUS reasons.

LeBron recently agreed to a five year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. He already owns a home in the city - and is expected to move his sons to the city of Angels this summer. LeBron Jr recently enrolled in an elite private High School in L.A.


Here's the report:

According to the New York Post, "No doubt Los Angeles is a draw James could not ignore at this point in his life and career. He has a home in Brentwood and wants his kids to go to school there. The weather, the scenery, the shopping and the chance to mix with entertainers and corporate America at their highest levels also had to figure into his thinking. James was a global star in Cleveland. He can be a mogul in LA."

Johnson arrived at James’ home in Brentwood at 9:01 p.m. PDT Saturday, the moment the NBA free-agency period began. According to the Los Angeles Times, the two talked for more than two hours, sharing their bond of growing up in the Midwest, winning championships, succeeding in business and their concerns about social issues.