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Magic Johnson's daughter Elisa Johnson is a beautiful model/fashion designer - and now she's got a couple of more things to like about her.

Elisa is one of the heirs to her father's $1 billion fortune.

Elisa revealed her new look - and we like it. Elisa appears to have gotten breast implants. But she didn't go CRAZY with them. She went from what looked like an A cup to a small C cup.

Here's the modeling pics of Eliza's new look:


And here are some pics of what she used to look like, before the augmentation:

It seems as though Elisa has a good head on her shoulders, in a recent interview she talked about where she sees herself in the next five years:

I hope to establish myself within the fashion industry, and begin to make a name for myself outside of being the daughter of Magic Johnson. I would particularly love to start my own sunglass line! I also would like to possibly revisit acting and music as those are also big passions of mine. Lastly and most importantly I hope to make a difference and be a voice for young black girls, and want to definitely find ways to raise my voice, and make change.