Magic Johnson's daughter Elisa, heir to half his billion-dollar fortune, was photo'd out on the beach in Miami yesterday.

Magic has two children, EJ and Elisa. Each presumably will receive half their dad's fortune after he dies. And remember, Magic was diagnosed with HIV - a terminal illness - in 1991.

Elisa was frolicking on the beach in Miami with a group of friends - wearing a Baywatch type red monokini.

Here are the pics:


Elisa and her brother EJ were featured on the reality show - Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills.

She's since gone on to study fashion in New York, and has a substantial social media following.

Elisa's vacation comes just weeks after she was forced to flee a San Fernando Valley house after a terrifying home invasion.

Johnson was at an AirBnB house that her friends had rented in early December, when two armed men entered the house, according to TMZ.

While it isn't known if the door to the home was unlocked, or if the thieves broke in, they are said to have held a number of people at gunpoint while, 'shoving them around the home.' 

Law enforcement sources revealed that Johnson was in a bedroom when the gunmen entered the house.

Sources said that she heard the 'commotion' and escaped through a sliding glass door at the back of the home and ran down the street to escape.