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MTO EXCLUSIVE PICS: Magic Johnson's Son MADE THE TRANSITION . . . He's Now . . . A 'FEMALE'!!! (Pics Of Magic's New . . . DAUGHTER??)

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Magic Johnson’s son EJ has been teetering on the edge of both genders – now he’s finally crossed over. has learned that EJ - former star of E!'s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills - now considers himself a “female.” He’s always worn women’s clothes . . . But now he’s fully woman.

Just yesterday, he was photographed rocking a black crop top, black knee-high boots, an Hermès Birkin bag, and a chic blonde wig while out on the town with galpal Dorothy Wang,

EJ's father Johnson, who has been publicly supportive of his son's transition, was asked about his son last year on the Ellen show, here's what he told her:

"I think it's all about you not trying to decide what your daughter or son should be or what you want them to become. It's all about loving them no matter who they are, what they decide to do," he added,

"And when my son came out, I was so happy for him and happy for us as parents. We love him. EJ is amazing. So you got to support your child because there are so many people who try to discriminate against them, so they need you to support them. Because if you don't support them, who is going to support them? And love them? It's really important."

According to one of EJ’s friends, “It’s opening up his dating prospects – now he can date straight men since he’s female.”

Interesting . . .