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Magic Johnson has denied allegations that he abused members of his staff during a recent interview.

"I never sat in an HR person's office for 35 years," Johnson said. "Do you think (Lakers owner) Jeanie Buss will allow me to abuse employees? If that was the case she would have called me in. ... It never happened," Johnson said speaking to ESPN host Stephen A. Smith.

No complaints were ever filed against Johnson for unprofessional workplace behavior but several employees told ESPN they didn't feel comfortable going to the team's human resources department for fear of being reprimanded. According to the outlets, dozens of employees claimed that they were scared while Johnson ran the organization and that Johnson ran the company on "fear."

"A lot of Laker employees didn't like that I held them accountable. That's what my job was," Johnson said. "Did I have to fire some people? Yes, because we had to bring about change and get better."