Madonna is coming under fire for bringing 13 year old son David Banda, into a gay bar in New York City yesterday.

Madonna made a surprise appearance just after midnight at the iconic Stonewall Inn bar in NYC, of which she is an official ambassador heading into the 50th anniversary of the riots that originated there, launching the LGBTQ-rights movement. 

She gave a warm speech to thunderous applause, then sang acoustic versions of "Like a Prayer" and "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" accompanied by her teenage son David Banda.

David is only 13, well under the legal age to be inside a bar in New York.

Many people online are suggesting that it was inappropriate to bring a young boy to a gay bar - where some very ADULT things are likely happening.

In 2006, Madonna adopted David Banda, now 13, from the Home of Hope in Malawi. He was battling pneumonia and malaria at the time.

She said at the time that she struggled with the criticism she faced when adopting the little boy she was trying to save.

In an interview with PEOPLE, she said some time later: 'In my mind, I was thinking, 'Wait a minute. I'm trying to save somebody's life. Why are you all s****ing on me right now?' I did everything by the book.'

The singer also told the publication that it was a 'low point' in her life and every night, she would 'cry herself to sleep.'