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Singer Macy Gray appeared to be "extremely high" during a taping of a British TV show this morning. Macy, who is 51 , appeared on a UK talk show with host Lorraine Kelly on ITV.

And Macy's bizarre behavior has people wondering whether she was "high". And if so, what drug was she on. . . 

Macy appeared to be distracted and nervous all thorough the interview. And at one point,  she made a number of very bizarre remarks that went viral on Twitter.

When Lorraine asked Macy about her recent hospitalization, Macy, launched into a bizarre rant. The singer, who was dressed in a beanie hat and bright yellow top, told her: "I'm a vampire, I have a low blood count, every two or three years I have to get blood."

Then she added, "I run out. I go and bite people."

The 'I Try' singer then moaned about having to get up early for the show and said: "Why do you guys go on so early?

"You should shoot it at night and then tell people it's live, that's an idea. Why do it in the morning?"

Watch it below:

Gray has not commented on the appearance. She did post a video to Instragram where she appeared with her eyes covered and rapped about a contest for some cover art for the song “Buddha.”