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Lyrica confessed that she participated in the Safaree affair rumor - and it was just a fake storyline created by Love & Hip Hop producers.

In the current season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, there was a rumor that Safaree and fellow co-star Lyrica had an affair. Lyrica is married to Safaree's friend A1 Bentley - and carrying his baby.

Much of the drama this season came from that storyline..

Well, Lyrica just broke down and confessed that the storyline was ALL A LIE. Lyrica told her fans that she worked with producers to create that FAKE storyline. Lyrica took to social media and wrote:

I should have never agreed to this fake a** storyline, which was supposed to be "he flirted" and cleared up the next episode.

According to Lyrica, Safaree and producers ran TOO FAR with the storyline - and it ended up making her look like a fool.


Back in August people were already speculating that something fishy was going on...Reports said that:

Sources close to the family say Safaree is even in on the SCAM too, because there’s no way in hell Lyrica would ever cheat on A1. Lyrica is way too in love with him. Do you believe Lyrica is madly in love with a granny- pearl -wearing- finger- nail-polish- soft -thug? A1’s own brother said he changed and wasn’t the same person he knew after kicking their mom out his house because she got into a verbal altercation with Lyrica’s mom. Let’s not forget A1’s mother threw cornbread mix all over the place too so that was definely grounds for dismissal out of the crib. LOL Who throws Jiffy mix though???!!??