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R&B singer Lyfe Jennings was attacked by his girlfriend, MTO News has learned. The two got into a fight over Valentine's Day - and Lyfe ended up getting the worst of it.

Last night, Lyfe posted pics of the scratches and bruises that his girlfriend gave him. The singer/reality star joked that she must have "not liked her Valentine's gift."

Here's the result of this beating:


It's not clear which girlfriend did this to Lyfe - he's known to have a lot of women around him. But speculation is that he was injured by his most recent babys mother, pictured below.


Lyfe currently has seven children, and six baby's mothers.

In addition to being a top R&B singer from the 2000s, Lyfe starred in one season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as Karlie Redd' love interest,. Of course the relationship did not last, and neither did Lyfe's time on the show..

In 2002, after serving 10 years in prison, Lyfe returned to his musical aspirations. Two days after his December 2002 release from prison, he recorded a four-song demo CD. After a month post release, he performed at the Apollo. He was booed as he walked onto the stage, but when the Apollo audience heard his gritty falsetto and lyrical songwriting, they were swayed to the tune of five amateur-night victories in a row. 

Lyfe sold about 1,000 copies of his four-song demo CD during his Apollo "residency." His growing success, influenced Lyfe to move to New York City and pursue a major-label deal. Columbia Records provided him with a contract and released his debut, Lyfe 268-192 in August 2004. A year after its original release, the album was reissued with a new version of "Hypothetically" added as bonus track featuring American Idol winner, Fantasia.