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Lupita & Viola & Kerry Washington Are All Being BLASTED . . . For Hiring NON-BLACK Stylists!!


A growing chorus of people online are blasting Lupita N'yongo, Viola Davis, and Kerry Washington - all of whom have one or more non-Black stylists. Many fans believe that the women - who always talk about "equality" for Black women are not practicing what they preach.

In a recent article by New York Magazine, the ladies were all called out by an anonymous stylist. Here's a quote from NY Magazine:

“Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Octavia Spencer, Lupita — the people who preach equality, inclusiveness — they all have had white stylists. They have this belief that, ‘This person plays a huge role in what’s gonna change my career. So I’m gonna listen to my publicist, listen to my manager.’ They act like the voice of a white woman or man is more sound than that of a black stylist, even though we’re a representation of who they are.”

Almost immediately, the quote has gone viral, and people are "calling out" the famous Black actresses.