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Lupe Fiasco Weighs In On Drill Rapper FBG Duck's Murder

Lupe Fiasco is urging fans of Chicago drill to learn from the recent killing of FBG Duck.

Lupe took to his Instagram to encourage his followers to be smarter -- he worries about the killing leading to more death in the city.

"Unfortunately, we're gonna have a few murders now in retaliation to this. I hope that's not the case, but I mean, this is what it is in the city. The crazy part with a lot of these drill cats … wow, wow Duck, damn -- and I don't think I ever met Duck -- but the issue is that you wanna listen to 'em, at least for me, and vibe with what they sayin' but so much of their music is about killing people are bragging about actual murders, creates a weird catch-22."

He continued, "You can't really go 100 percent in with them. You can't like ride down the street bumping their music 'cause you go through the wrong neighborhood and they talkin' about killing BDs and they talkin' about killing GDs and it's just like, 'Damn, man.' I don't think people understand that."

Is he right?