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Luenell: Dr. Dre Is A Notorious Woman Beater!!

Comedy legend Luenell has expressed her thoughts about super-producer Dr. Dre, calling him a "notorious woman beater."

"Now, one would say, does Dre get a pass for being such a notorious woman beater 'cause he makes good music? One would say. One would say that some people ain't gonna be praying for Dr. Dre. A lot of women, but you can get a pass, it seems, if you're popular. He a notorious woman beater. I love Dr. Dre's music, don't get it f*cked up, and I don't want to see any of our icons die," she said.

"But, I don't -- we can't -- some of the charges his wife was making was even that he had been violent with her. His track record sucks." 


Several women have accused Dre of violence, including singer Michel'le and rapper Dee Barnes.

"He [Dr. Dre] picked me up by my hair and my ear and smashed my face and body into the wall," Dee once said in an interview with the LA Times. "Next thing I know, I'm down on the ground and he's kicking me in the ribs and stamping on my fingers. I ran into the women's bathroom to hide, but he burst through the door and started bashing me in the back of the head."