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BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Ludacris BABYS MAMA Accuses Him Of CHILD ABUSE . . . Child Services REMOVES DAUGHTER From Home!! (Do You Believe Baby Mama . . . Or LUDA??)

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Rapper/actor Ludacris has been having a very BITTER battle with his baby mama Tamika Fuller. The two have a daughter together, and Luda was awarded primary custody over her. Well Tameka has been battling to regain custody for over a year now, and now Luda claims that she's making FALSE CHILD ABUSE accusations against him.

It's not clear whether Tamika was claiming physical, or sexual abuse.

Here is how its being reported on the Jasmine Brand:

Luda says Tamika contacted the Department of Family and Children Services and filed a false report against him based on their kid having a common rash. He says she was informed by Luda that a doctor had already seen the rash and she was prescribed an ointment.

Luda claims that on May 19th 2016, the department contacted him and said pursuant to department protocol, his parenting time with his kid was suspended. He says his baby mama must be stopped from filing false and malicious reports of child abuse.