Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is heating up this off season - one of the cast members, Lovely Mimi, is claiming that another cast member, Just Brittany, slept with her husband.

Love & Hip Hop star, Lovely Mimi, is in the middle of a bitter divorce from Remy - her husband of 10 years — and the reality star claims that he was a cheater, a thief, and an abuser.

Until the divorce is finalized the two are still legally married . . . and according to Mimi, Remy has been sleeping with her friend (and reality show co-star), Just Brittany.

Mimi explains how upset she is in a new Instagram video. She claims that Brittany was her longtime friend. The two hung out together and Mimi even invited her into her home.

Now Mimi feels betrayed that her friend has started sleeping with her estranged husband.

Here's Mimi spilling her own tea:

And here's Brittany's response, denying the claims: