MTO SHOCKER: The Next Episode Of Love And Hip Hop . . . Has STEAMY Love Scene . . . With Joseline And Tommie!!!


If you haven't seen Love & Hip Hop this season - you HAVE to see the newest episode. According to A insider in production - this week's episode will contain a steamy 'LOVE SCENE' with Joseline Hernandez and Tommie Lee.

We're told that it will all POP OFF in Los Angeles. Tommie and Joseline will be out west with Stevie, and the two ladies will come up with the idea to have a THREESOME, with Joseline's husband Stevie.

The insider explains, "Stevie turns down Joseline and Tommie, because he doesn't want to go there. Joseline and Tommie are like 'OK cool,' and they have a steamy night of there own."

The insider continued, "The ladies allowed the VH1 cameras in their bedroom. We caught a lot of it on film, but obviously we couldn't show a lot of the good parts. I promise you, that scene was NOT ACTING."