Viewers of Love & Marriage: Huntsville were surprised last month to see Martell and Melody Holt engaging in a very public social media spat.

But according to The Jasmine Brand, it was all just for publicity, and the couple have announced that they have welcomed a new addition to the family.

"No Holts Barred. We are so thrilled to welcome our 4th MnMKid to our family. We thank God for a smooth, healthy and safe pregnancy and are enjoying all the love & joy she's brought into our home and lives. God is amazing, and we appreciate all the love from all of you! 2020 let's go! #lamh lamh #holtnholt #teamholt #verifiedpowercouple #catchthat #mnmkids #malanisimoneholt @martellholt @owntv @thecarlosking_” Melody posted on Instagram.

On the show, the Holts' marriage seemed to be on the rocks for quite some time, and divorce seemed to be inevitable, but all appears to be well in the Holts camp.