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Viewers of Love Island USA were shocked after Yamen ditched his day-one, Alana and picked new girl Christen - leaving Alana single and off the island.

On Wednesday night's show, Weston chose new girl Katrina instead of Mallory. Viewers were not shocked as the pair were clearly not compatible and were open about looking elsewhere.

But fans were stunned that Yamen picked Christen instead of recoupling with Alana. The two appeared to have great chemistry together, but if we are being honest, Alana was way more into him than he was into her. Still, he should have maybe given her a heads up first.

"I genuinely was trying to form a deeper connection," Yamen said. "It just wasn't gelling perfectly for me. There's someone who's gonna love the hell out of you, it's just [Christen] kinda fits my life a little bit better."

Alana remained optimistic:

"Everything happens for a reason," Alana said. "I've still got my dignity. I've still got a really nice butt. And I'm gonna find somebody."

Here are some of the viewer reactions: