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Last night, episode three of Love Island USA aired on CBS, and viewers cannot get over how Caro is making her way through the men on the show!

Love Island, a show which started off in the UK, sees several singles enter a luxury home based in Fiji, and choose who to couple up with in the beginning. With each re-coupling, singles have the opportunity to switch partners if they are more attracted to somebody else.

Caro went on a date with her third love interest during Thursday night's episode. Cashel first selected her, but after Cashel was stolen away from her by Kelsey, she made her move on model Michael.

Two new guys entered the villa, and Caro has now set her sights on new boy Dylan, from Ireland.

Caro is the hot topic on social media, because despite being cringy - her actions make for compelling viewing!

Check out the premiere episode below.