Tommie Lee from Love & Hiphop is rumored to be dating Rob Kardashian, according to multiple online reports. And some on social media are suggesting that Tommie may actually be trying to have Rob's baby - so that she can cash in on the Kardashian fame.

When rumors of a Tommie-Rob relationship broke yesterday, MTO News did some digging, and learned that Tommie is currently filming a new reality show. And Rob will be featured as her love interest on Tommie's new show.

Sounds to us like she's looking to use Rob's Kardashian fame for ratings. Good idea . . . but we're not too sure about the whole "having his baby" stuff. 

The former Love & Hip Hop star has been making some positive changes in her life. First off, she's cut back on drinking alcohol. And she now only fights as a means of self defense.

And Tommie's also begun going to therapy, two work out her emotional issues. Here's a very introspective message that she posted on IG yesterday:

And in case you're wondering - yes she still looks as good as ever. Here are some recent pics: