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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta turns violent next week, with one of the cast members getting struck so hard in the face, that he started leaking blood.

Scrap Deleon, the handsome ex-felon, was assaulted by his babys mother Tiara. She slapped him because she learned that he was messing around on her, with another woman - Moniece Slaughter.

Scrapp was sentenced to five years in jail and 15 years probation on drug trafficking charges. 

But luckily he was recently released after two years. While in prison, he was writing and talking with Tiara daily. He made her think that when he was released from prison, the two would get back together.

Unfortunately Scrap was talking daily to a number of women, including Moniece.

Once Scrap got out, he started messing with both women and it ended up backfiring in his face.

According to the VH1 blog back in October 2018, "Posting a screenshot of their recent FaceTime session, Tiarra sent major love to Scrapp, who is the father of her son King. While praising him for being a devoted dad, she was quick to get him back on his co-parenting duties, saying "Now take yo son G!. I need a break break!" She also promised him a trip to Miami's popular strip club G5 once he's cleared to travel. You know some celebratory lap dances are in order!"

Here is the video:

Here are screenshots showing the blood in Scrap's mouth after he got struck.