Love & Hiphop's Tahiry Tells Rapper Vado: 'You're The Brokest Man I Ever Dated'

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Love & Hip Hop star Tahiry has a new boyfriend, New York rapper Vado. Unfortunately, Tahiry is unhappy with how "broke" the rapper is.



Tahiry Jose and her beau, Vado, are one of the five couples featured on the current season of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. 

Although the stars have known each other for decades, they only started going out fairly recently. They've barely passed their honeymoon phase, but problems are already cropping up — which is why they decided to join the show. 

As a promo titled "Meet Vado & Tahiry 🤩Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition" revealed, Tahiry and Vado go way back — having first met each other while growing up in Harlem, New York, NY. 

"We knew each other for years. We kinda grew up together and [...] we're both from Harlem. [We were] always close, we started getting close as friends, it became friends with benefits," Vado explained in the video.

In the promotional video, Vado also opened up about his struggles with helping Tahiry overcome the disastrous impact of her past relationships.

"Tahiry's past relationships haunt me. She had been through so many bad relationships, you know, she's scared to open up," Vado explained.