On the new season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood - married couple A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson split, after A1 was caught sleeping with another cast member - Summer Bunni.

Earlier this summer the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood newbie Summer Bunni and Lyrica Anderson allegedly got into a nasty brawl during filming. Apparently, things between the two of them had been brewing for weeks, following rumors that Summer and A1 had either slept together or at least messed around.

But the physical fight turned out to be only the beginning of the battle: after throwing hands, Summer went on Instagram and loaded up her IG stories with a long chain of claims about Lyrica and A1, including addressing A1’s alleged homosexuality, Lyrica’s apparent threats against Summer from a fake number, and plenty more.

Now Summer is explaining WHY she slept with the R&B singer's husband. And Summer is not holding back one bit!

She explained in a recent interview that she did it because she "didn't know" that the reality star was married. Summer then went HARD at Lyrica - calling her "old" and a "grandmother."

Here's what she said:

How is your current relationship with Lyrica?
She’s very scary, she’s very wack, she’s lame…If I was here, I probably would feel salty like, her too. If I saw this young, beautiful, talented girl that scooped up your husband when — he never said *you* were married. That situation right there? I didn’t force him to be with me. Lyrica…she’s old, you know, she looks like someone’s grandmother…[Laughs]. It’s just really sad. Jigsaw face, big teeth. It’s like — girl! Grandma. I’m over her. It’s enough.

Here's the full video: