Sierra from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is known for arguing with others on camera, and even for fighting.

And yesterday, her 14-year-old daughter Paris was also seen fighting on camera inside her high school bathroom. Except Paris was not seen fighting another girl as you might expect. She was seen fighting a group of girls and an adult.

MTO News contacted the Atlanta Public Schools, and they confirmed to us that Sierra's daughter was involved in a fight at North Atlanta High School on Wednesday. 

And according to social media reports, 14-year-old Paris was jumped by a girl at the school and the girl's MOTHER!!

Here is the graphic video, of Sierra's daughter getting beat up by teenagers and a grown woman. We warn you, the video contains graphic violence:

The Atlanta School District talked to the local media about the matter and told local CBS News that Paris' "opps" helped her mother get into the school, and then the mother and daughter team attacked the 14-year-old.

The school district also said Paris' injuries include, "A black eye, scratches, and contusions all around the side of her face and the back of her head."

Atlanta police are looking into the incident, MTO News was told.

Here's social media video of the 14-year-old that was injured: