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Love & Hiphop's Safaree & Erica Mena Have Allegedly SEPARATED!!

Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena were one of the most popular couples on social media. But MTO News is now hearing whispers that the couple may have separated.

There's nothing official yet - but a lot of circumstantial evidence suggests that the two are no longer together.

First off, MTO News has confirmed that they are no longer following each other on Instagram. Safaree is still following a fan page of Erica's however and Erica is following one of their fan pages also.


Second, Erica is currently on vacation on a tropical island - and Safaree's NOT with her. For some couples, vacationing separately would not mean trouble in the relationship, but not in the case of Safaree and Erica. They were the type of couple that did EVERYTHING together.

Here are pics from her Instagram that were posted yesterday:

But a quick look at Safaree's IG shows that he's still in Atlanta.

Third, Erica doesn't appear to be wearing her wedding ring anymore in photos. Here's a pic taken of her last week:

And finally - the couple has not been photo'd together in weeks. There was a time when our IG feed was full of pics and videos of Safatee and Erica - not so much now.