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Love & Hip Hop star Pooh Hicks made an astonishing claim on the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop. 

In the middle of the reunion, she pulled out a pair of underwear that Pooh claims her former friend wore. According to Pooh, Sierra and her were so close that the two ladies shared underwear.

Pooh pulled out the underwear to prove that the two were friends - which Sierra had been denying.

In the last reunion show, Pooh brought the underwear - and threw it on the stage, saying that Sierra can keep them because "the stains won't come out."

Here's a pic of the panties:


If the story sounds incredible - that the two ladies shared underwear - Sierra provided receipts. She reached out to MTO News to show us the evidence.

Here's a video, showing Sierra twerking in the panties, while in Pooh's pool:


In July, Pooh dropped a bombshell - admitting that she used to date Queen Latifah. Pooh appeared on the Domenick Nati Show in early July and spilled the tea on her lesbian relationship with Queen Latifah. The Atlanta socialite admitted that the two "dated" when she was younger and exploring her sexuality.

“Yes, me and Queen Latifah, we had dated in the past. It was a long time ago. It was when I was in my 20s. Around about when I was like, 24, 25-years-old.”

And Pooh admitted that the two had a sexual relationship.

The reality star continued, “It was a good break-up. It just that I wasn’t ready for the lesbian scene at the time because I was young and I didn’t quite understand it.”