Love & Hiphop's Masika Shows Scarred Stomach After Botched Tummy Tuck!


Masika from Love & Hiphop Hollywood is going viral this morning, MTO News has learned. In a new video, the Love & Hip Hop beauty showed off her disturbing looking stomach, after undergoing a botched tummy tuck operation.


In the video, Masika proudly shows off her belly - that is filled with thick scar tissue. The scarring and lumpiness is the result, according to online sources, of a botched tummy tuck and liposuction procedure that the reality star underwent in Colombia.

And the results, according to many, were less than optimal.

Here are some comments about Masika's body, from the comments of her video:

 love her but her stomach was winking at me or wtf

Does she look like that because she didn’t do aftercare correctly? Can someone knowledgeable in surgery answer me?

She got a 22 pack abs...what is going on

They belly button is upsetting 🤧

She’s shaped so damn botched 😂😂... she needs to tone down 🤦🏾‍♀️