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Love & Hip Hop star Lovely Mimi is divorcing her husband of 10 years, Remy — and the reality star claims that her husband was a cheater, a thief, and an abuser.

Lovely Mimi posted a video yesterday on Instagram Live where she announced that she's divorcing Remy. Then she went into detail - claiming that Remy was cheating, abusive and stealing money from their businesses.

In the video Mimi also told fans that she felt Remy never really cared about her and allowed his family to take advantage of her.

And get this -  Mimi claims that when she went to file for divorce and discovered their marriage certificate had never been filed. 


According to the video, Mimi depicts Remy as a ‘janky’ businessman who disrespected the marriage by having a ‘female’ friend. Mimi says neighbors and even her own son warned her about a woman staying at her house while she was at work, someone whom Mimi had never met. Mimi goes on to detail physical fights and financial abuse allegedly by her husband, who she says was mishandling money she earned for bills.

But Remy has a completely different view on what ended their marriage. He claims that Mimi's social media fame is what ended their relationship.

Here's his side of things:

Lovely Mimi, real name Miyah Thi Luong, owns a popular nail salon in Atlanta, she also starred on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for 3 seasons.