Love & Hiphop's Joseline Gets Engaged To Boyfriend Ballistic Beats!!


Joseline Hernandez and her boyfriend, Miami DJ Ballistic have gone through a lot together as a couple, not the least of which is the custody drama between Joseline and her ex, Stevie J.

But through it all, they seem to keep coming back to each other. And now MTO News is happy to report that the two are getting married.

The two recently went on the WE tv show Marriage Boot Camp to iron out their relationship issues, and it appears that the therapy sessions have worked. The main issue on Ballistic's side was that he felt Joseline was being entirely too flirtatious with other men. He repeatedly told Joseline that he wanted a woman who would treat him like a king while he treated her like a queen.

Joseline's issue, which was revealed on the show, was that she had commitment issues. People who were supposed to commit to her, like her mother and father, ended up leaving her. And she was afraid Ballistic was going to do the same.

Well on the final episode of “Marriage Boot Camp,” Ballistic popped the question. The two stood in front of one another and were forced to decide whether they were going to get engaged.

And it turns out they did. See the video above.