Joe Budden and his fiance/babys mother Cyn Santana have separated, according to multiple reliable sources on social media.

Joe and Cyn had a tumultuous relationship, and they showed it to the world on the last season of Love & Hip Hop New York. Now it appears that their relationship is over.

And Joe & Cyn appear to have confirmed the split on social media.

Joe unfollowed Cyn late yesterday, and Cyn returned the favor, by unfollowing Joe. Here's a receipt:


Cyn then went through all her Instagram photos and removed all traces of Joe from her page. Also Cyn changed her name on her Instagram bio to Cyn Budden. Yesterday she changed it back to Cyn Santana.

In Cyn's most recent photo, she was sitting on a red sofa looking sexy - without her engagement ring. Fans immediately began peppering her with questions in the comments. One person asked What joe do? No pics” and someone responded to the poster by replying @joso_stayfly right! She even took ‘budden’ off her name 😩.” 

Joe was being asked similar questions by fans over at his IG page. On a photo he posted earlier in the day speaking in front of a theater audience, “What you do to cyn 😩” one concerned fan asked while another echoed “What the f**k did you do now Joseph?” He still has pics of Cyn on his page, including the one from Dec. 18, when he dropped down on one knee and proposed to her onstage during a live podcast with the caption, “She. Said. Yes. Thank you God.”