Joe Budden is cheating on his fiancé Cyn Santana, according to their fellow Love & Hip Hop castmate Erica Mena.

Joe Budden and Erica's fiancé Safaree used to be best friends. But the two had a very public falling out - seen by the Love & Hip Hop cameras - because of Erica. 

You see, Erica (Safaree's current fiancé) used to date Cyn (Joe's current fiancé), the two ladies were in a lesbian relationship. The breakup was bad, and both women claim that hey were "abused" during the relationship. When the relationship ended a few years ago, Love & Hip Hop: New York stars Erica and Cyn had a horrible breakup. What played out on national television was just all types of jacked up.

According to reports, Cyn's vivaciousness stems from her Dominican and Salvadorian roots. After notching a couple of music videos under her belt as a buxom video vixen, she climbed up the ladder and attained instant success through VH1’s "Love and Hip-Hop."

Well Joe put his hands on Safaree when he learned about Safaree dating Erica. And now Erica is hitting back, where it hurts.

According to Erica, Joe Budden is cheating on his fiancé Cyn. She claims that Joe used to bring girls back to Safaree's house, on the low.


Cyn has not commented yet about the cheating allegations.