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Erica Mena and Safaree from Love & Hip Hop are officially married. MTO News has confirmed. 

The couple have been openly talking about their relationship on social media and this weekend, they jumped the broom - legally, at least.

According to two sources close to Erica, the couple got "legally" married in Atlanta this week. The paperwork was filed at the Fulton County court, so the marriage is official. The insider explains, "They are married now legally, but they will be having a full ceremony later on this year."

Erica even changed her name legally, she's now Erica Mena Samuels:

20190102_184806 (1)

We know what you're wondering - what's the rush?

Well two things. First, word is that Erica is pregnant and she wants her new baby to be born inside of a legal marriage.

But more importantly - Erica and Safaree are trying to get a reality show surrounding their wedding. The insider told MTO News, "A lot of people [at Love & Hip Hop] believed they were getting married as a scam, so that they could get a show out of it. To prove to the producers that their marriage was real, they made it legal."

It's not yet certain whether Safaree and Erica will get a show, but our insider claims it's now VERY likely.