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The new season of VH1's Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is back on the air, and one of the show's stars Apple Watts unveiled her brand new body yesterday.

Apple, who also works as a stripper, already had tons of work done on her body, but during the off-season she got a plastic surgery overhaul.

According to folks close to Apple, she got another Brazilian Butt lift and new breast implants. And the new body parts, we're told, will be part of Apple's storyline this season.

One producer explained to MTO News, "Apple got a new butt and new breasts, that's her storyline."

Sounds interesting . . . kind of.

Here's what Apple looked like last season:

The below picture shows what she looks like now. Last night she held a Love & Hip Hop viewing party in Los Angeles, that was attended by fellow co-stars YoYo and Mister Ray.

Her body looked amazing.