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Amara La Negra has been caught scamming her fans, into believing that she has naturally "light eyes." But according to a person close to the family, most of Amara's look is fake.

Amara, who identifies as Afro-Latina, has a striking look. She has light grey eyes, and a giant afro. But according to her family friend - both are FAKE!!

The family insider told MTO News that Amara's eyes are NOT naturally light. And they provided receipts to their assertion. The family friend sent in proof - baby pictures of Amara - where you can clearly see she has dark brown/black eyes.



On Amara's published biography, she claims that she has "natural" grey colored eyes.

Amara, real name Dana Danelys De Los Santos, is an Dominican American musician and multi-talented artist. She is best known for being on Love and Hip Hop: Miami. 

Before becoming a reality star, Amara made a name for herself in the reggaeton sex-infused anthems such as "Muevelo". She released the song, "Ayy" which became a hit in Latin America. The music video for the song shows a provocative Amara La Negra exercising her sexual freedom. 

For the next three years, Amara La Negra would put out single after single as an unsigned artist.

Recently, Amara was in the news because she gave an interview to a controversial figure...

La Negra has made it known from the jump that she is massively proud of her Afro-Latina heritage. Still, she’s often questioned about her background and identity, and the latest person to do so was reverend Jesse Lee Peterson.

The Love & Hip Hop: Miami star recently appeared on Peterson's show The Fallen State, where she discussed her career and Afro-Latina pride. Things took a turn, however, when Peterson interrupted her to insist that "there is no such thing as an African-American woman."

"They made that up. They are American," he said in response to the reality star saying she looks like an African-American woman. "They were born here, but they are dumb, and so they are calling themselves African-Americans because they don't think for themselves. You don't even look like them. Why would you want to attach that to your name?"

La Negra, visibly confused by his take, made it known that "We're all African," before diplomatically telling Peterson, "You know, you are very special."