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The new season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is going to be explosive. One of the main characters A1 Bentley is being accused of requesting that his side chick engages in what many describe as "gay acts."

A1 Bentley is currently married to the popular singer Lyrica Anderson and they have a newborn baby. And that makes the allegations against the popular producer, all the more scandalous.

In the coming season, A1 will be seen having some type of romantic interactions with the newest cast member Summer Bunni. In case the name sounds familiar - Summer Bunni is the woman who slept with Cardi B's husband Offset, while Cardi was pregnant with their daughter Kulture.

A1 Bentley and Lyrica's storyline revolves around the purported affair between Summer Bunni and Lyrica's husband.

Well, yesterday, Summer Bunni started spilling tea online - and now Summer Bunni is calling A1 Bentley "gay", or possibly "bisexual."

At first, Summer Bunni started lashing out against A1 Bentley's wife, Lyrica. Look:


Then she turned her animosity towards A1 Bentley:


Then she claimed that A1 asked her to participate in a threesome, with another man. She also refers to A1 Bentley as "gay".