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Love & Hip Hop star A1 Bentley has a new look, MTO News can confirm, and he looks very . . . well, different.

A1 is known for having long dreads that he's been growing since he was a teenager. But yesterday he decided to take the big chop.

But after he chopped - he permed. A1 Bentley now has chemically straightened hair.

Here's the reality star's new look:

A1 Bentley is a main cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood since season five. He's currently married to R&B singer Lyrica Anderson, but the couple is currently separated.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s new season just gets messier and messier! Just days after Summer Bunni spilled A1 and Lyrica’s tea for the second time, the newbie was apparently the cause of a fight between A1 and returning cast member Misster Ray while the show was filming at a private event. Not long after the brawl itself, an A1 and Misster Ray fight video went viral, though the exact reason for the fight remains somewhat unclear.

The first news of the fight came from Misster Ray himself. He tweeted out a simple statement about having been “assaulted” by both A1 and A1’s bodyguard at 3:51 last Friday morning — the middle of the night on the East Coast, but right in the sweet spot out West:

In addition to being a reality star, A1 also is a top music producer. He's produced music for Drake, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown in his career.

He will be prominently featured on the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, which will focus on his marriage to Lyrica.